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Susan Quilliam

Susan Quilliam

Susan Quilliam is a relationship coach, writer and broadcaster. She has been working 
in the field of couple relationships since 1984, has private coaching practices in both
London and Cambridge and is the author of the Relate books How to Stay Together 
and Stop Arguing Start Talking, which addresses the issue of couple conflict.

Susan is a General Member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, acts
as resident advisor on psychological issues for the Sexual Advice Association and
has been awarded associate membership of the British Society for Sexual Medicine and
the Royal Society of Medicine where she also serves on the Council for Sexuality and
Sexual Health. 

She is a Faculty member of the global training organisation The School of 
Life, designing and delivering courses and consultancy on couple relationships 
and is also the advice columnist for a number of print and online publications.

Susan is the author of 23 books on relationships and sexuality published in 
33 countries and 24 languages