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Oliver James

Oliver James’ has been an influential thinker and social commentator for over thirty years. He has presented a number of documentary series or interviews for both ITV and Channel four, had a regular slot on ‘Richard and Judy’ and made the documentary ‘Prozac Diary’ for BBC2.

His books include, ‘They F*** You up’, ‘Britain on the Couch’ and ‘Affluenza’. He is a regular columnist for The Guardian newspaper and for ‘Psychologies’ Magazine. His contributions are also frequently found in other national newspapers and magazines, and he is often approached by journalists for his opinion on major social developments or news items. He has published in scientific journals including Community Health, the Journal of Epidemiology and The Psychologist. He has been an adviser to the politician Jack Straw and to the ‘well-being’ project set up by the Conservative party.

His latest work has been investigating the Human Genome Project to explore the relationship between genes and mental illness. He also has a new book due for release in 2014 on emotional health.