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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) with Professor Jason Ellis

Wed 9th - Thur 10th Nov 2022 - Interactive Webinar (available for 30 days afterwards)

£240.00 plus VAT per person

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Insomnia disorder is one of the most prevalent and costly sleep disorders worldwide. It is also associated with increased risk for a range of physical and psychological conditions. Despite Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) being the first line treatment for the management of insomnia, its progress has been hampered by few trained clinicians.

The aim of this course is to provide the relevant information from which the learner can identify and assess cases of insomnia and manage cases using the principles of CBT-I). The first day of the workshop will introduce the concept and diagnosis of insomnia disorder, as well as some of the models of insomnia that underpin the use of CBT-I. Then there will be guidance on assessment, including information on other sleep disorders and co-morbidities. The last part of day one will examine when and when not to do CBT-I and introduce you to all the tools you need to undertake CBT-I. Day two will be solely focused on the elements and delivery of CBT-I.

Over 2 days we will learn how to:-

1.Define Insomnia Disorder and it’s subtypes
2.Be able to assess for Insomnia Disorder and  other sleep disorders masking as insomnia (e.g. Restless Legs Syndrome, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, Narcolepsy) – and identify who is and who is not a suitable candidate for CBT-I
3.Conduct CBT-I under peer supervision, including note and case studies
4.Determine when brief therapies and adjunct therapies are needed

Dr. Ellis is a Professor of Sleep Science and Director of Northumbria Sleep Research in the United Kingdom. He is a qualified Somnologist (Expert in Behavioural Sleep Medicine) from the European Sleep Research Society and a Practicing Psychologist under the HCPC. He splits his time between his basic research interests: the pathophysiology of sleep disorders (Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, and Circadian Rhythm Disorders) and his applied work on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). He has worked within the NHS delivering CBT-I to individuals with a range of physical and psychological conditions and serves on the editorial boards of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Frontiers in Sleep and Sleep Health. He is also the current chair of the research committee for the British Sleep Society. He has consulted for various industries and third-sector organisations and provided national guidelines to the British and Scottish governments on the identification and management of sleep problems. He regularly trains CBT-I and fatigue management workshops to clinicians and primary care physicians in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Feedback from Feb 2021 -

"Jason was funny and clear. really well done
This workshop was absolutely brilliant- one of the best ever.
It was very good. From someone who has suffered from Insomnia for many years, I now understand why at times I am depressed.  Thank you.
Excellent presentation.
Superb mix of science, psychology and therapy perfect
Very good workshop, learnt a lot. Jason was engaging and presented the workshop in a user friendly way. Thanks
Absolutely super presentation - informative and entertaining. Prof Ellis has a very user-friendly style and has encouraged me to delve more deeply into the topic. I look forward to using knowledge gained both with family and professionally.
"Just the right blance of 'real life' and academic examples. A great CPD morning that has both personal and professional relevance.
Interesting and important topic that isn't covered often enough I think so most welcome.
Excellent and enjoyable workshop, presented with clarity and personality. Thank you very much indeed Jason and all those who contributed to putting it together.
Such an interesting topic and presented in a very clear and entertaining style. Learned a lot that will be usful in my work. Thank you
"It was a really good and well presented workshop.
The only thing I would add, was if it had been a little longer and Jason could have gone slightly slower, but that’s just my preference.
It has made me want to hear more from him. "
Great presenter and good use of humour, really appreciated the handouts being sent with space for notes
A very engaging presentation thank you Jason
This workshop was fantastic. I have used the content already in a clinical session this afternoon! I have attended previous workshops and they have all been really good. Thanks You!
Thank for the talk. It has really stimulating and encouraging my sleeping thoughts."
Thank you for a concise informative workshop am sure it will support my work .
It makes a change to have an entertaining and knowledgeable presenter.
"I thought this was an excellent presentation on Insomnia by Professor Jason Ellis - clear, informative, interesting, useful and engaging.  
I really appreciated receiving the recording as I was unable to attend the live presentation due to work - thank you very much."
I found the presentation fascinating and easy to understand. 

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