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Harnessing the Power of the Imagination - with Dr Dina Glouberman

10th June 2022 - Interactive Webinar on Zoom (available for 30 days afterwards)

£120.00 plus VAT per person

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Join live on the day, or access the recording at any time for 30 days. Imagination is an important resource that is vital in helping our clients to achieve their full potential. In this webinar we will learn powerful techniques to release the imagination and identify the relationship and language that helps the imagination to flourish. We will focus on two ImageWork processes: • the "image as life metaphor” with which we dip into the imagination to uncover the deeply held templates that are guiding our clients lives or work and help to transform them, •"overcoming fears of the future” which enables us to heal even an extreme fear by transforming the picture of the future self. There will be an opportunity to observe one-to-one work with a participant who wants to explore further. Come and experience this for yourself. You will be given a script to help you guide your clients and shown how clients can use these processes themselves. You will have access to the full recording for 30 days. This gives you the flexibility to join for all or part of the day or to watch the recording in small chunks or in one go as many times as you wish, to fit with your commitments


Dr Dina Glouberman is an international psychotherapist, coach and world leader in working with transformational imagery. With forty years of experience in theory and practice she has authored several books on the topic including her new book: ‘ImageWork: the complete guide to working with transformational imagery.” With a foreword by Robin Shohet, this book has been referred to by leading author Martin Rossman as "the best book about working with imagery” in his fifty years in the field.


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