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Neuro-Dramatic-Play and Anxiety - with Dr Sue Jennings

3rd November 2021 - Interactive Webinar (available for 30 days afterwards)

£30.00 plus VAT per person

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Join live on the day, or access the recording at any time for 30 days. A practical presentation and workshop on attachment-based play as an intervention in child development and anxiety. Neuro-Dramatic-Play has been shown to be effective in re-creating attachment as well as reducing anxiety in all age groups. There will be a slide presentation and then a short practical workshop which will provide take-away skills for people to use in their practice. Anxiety levels have increased in all age group with individuals and families in post Covid times. Much of the anxiety is caused by uncertainty and fear of loss, as well as economic hardship. In households where there is domestic violence there has been an increase. Neuro-Dramatic-Play allows a safe externalisation through playfulness and non-verbal understanding of process. As well as slides, handouts and information will be provided for participants Whether you join on the day, or at a later time(s), you have access to the full recording and materials/resources until the 8th December. This gives you the flexibility to join for all or part of the day or to watch the recording whenever fits with your commitments.

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