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Christine Dunkley’s Top Ten Visual Metaphors

15th April 2021 - Interactive Seminar on Zoom

£30.00 plus VAT per person

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If you are a therapist who likes to work with metaphors and analogies, then those that involve physical props can make more of an impact. In this workshop Dr Christine Dunkley shares her top ten favourite prop-based metaphors that you can weave into your therapy to bring home a teaching message. Following on the success of her ‘Top three diagrams’ workshop Christine can promise a memorable 90 minutes, with practical skills to enhance your practice. If you have a favourite visual or practical metaphor you will also have an opportunity to share it with your colleagues in this interactive zoom webinar.

Dr Christine Dunkley is an international trainer and author with over 30 publications including books, chapters, research papers and DVD series. Her latest book "Regulating emotion the DBT way is out now.


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