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My Top 5 Insights in Working with Insomnia with Professor Jason Ellis

19th February 2021 - Interactive Webinar (available for 30 days afterwards)

£30.00 plus VAT per person

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Insomnia is the most frequently reported psychological symptom in Britain, yet it remains poorly understood, and inadequately treated in most healthcare settings.  This workshop is designed to improve the understanding, clinical assessment, and psychological management of chronic sleep problems which arise either alone (as primary insomnia) or in the context of other physical or psychological conditions (as comorbid insomnia).

Feedback from Sept 2020:-

"Thanks very much. I enjoyed the day and find it very worthwhile"

"The presenter was very engaging and showed a passion for his subject and for sharing it. I'm very pleased to have received this training."

"Jason was brilliant. He obviously has a weath of knowledge on this subject and made teaching fun and very very interesting. I learnt a lot and it will improve my practise massively. "

"Excellent training event"

"An excellent day ...Jason's entertaining delivery kept the information in the morning light and his obvious enthusiasm for the topic was infectious. Having done a lot of CPD over lock down this goes straight in as the best . Thank you "

"This was the best training I have attended in ages with clear and useful skills to take away. Would highly recommend to others. "

"An excellent and insightful workshop. Highly informative. "

"Excellent "

"Fabulously entertaining as well as informative, sitting in front of Zoom all day can be so tiring, but it was so well paced with lots of short breaks. Excellent and I would be interested in follow-up training."

"Prof Ellis covered a lot of ground in an engaging way and offered to share his work, which is very generous. Thank you for organising the event!"

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