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Substance Misuse as a Secondary Problem - with Alison Hunt

19th February 2020 - The British Psychological Society London

£135.00 plus VAT per person

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Although clients can seek treatment specifically for their substance misuse, it is often an issue that comes to light during interventions for other problems, which derails the therapy from proceeding in a helpful way. This one-day workshop helps mental health professionals address issues of dual diagnosis, common difficulties and frustrations of working with this client group.

One of the most difficult issues can be engaging the client to tackle their substance misuse. To this end a novel motivational method will be illustrated (The Decisional Matrix), designed to focus on the functions and consequences of substance use for the individual client, and reveal the practical, social and emotional tasks to be undertaken.

Therapists will learn the main effects of different chemicals on brain functioning (e.g. alcohol, marijuana, Spice, cocaine). They will also be made aware of the evidence-based treatment options. The workshop will include using modified CBT in working with triggers, cravings and behaviours, and alternative coping strategies to alcohol and drug use.

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