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BOOK - Teaching Clients to Use Mindfulness Skills

A Practical Guide 20.00 including post and packing

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NEW BOOK - Teaching Clients to Use Mindfulness Skills - A Practical Guide
£20.00 including post and packing

Christine Dunkley and Maggie Stanton have written a book based on their popular workshop.....

Mindfulness has become a vital skill for many people working in the fields of physical and mental health, teaching, business, leadership and sports. While plenty of books explain the uses of mindfulness, until now none has addressed the particular challenges of effectively passing these skills on to clients in a user-friendly way.

Designed to help professionals introduce mindfulness to clients, the skills laid out here can help those struggling with problems of recurrent stress or ruminative thought, and benefit people wanting to live in a more effective, rewarding way.  Incorporating a series of practical exercises and drawing on their own professional experience, the authors clearly demonstrate the most effective methods for presenting mindfulness techniques to those with no previous experience. Topics covered include:
  • Orienting the client to the skill
  • Obtaining and using client feedback effectively
  • Introducing simple practises
  • Teaching clients to utilise mindfulness in everyday life
  • Case scenarios demonstrating the skills in practice
This practical, structured guide is essential for professionals already teaching or planning to teach mindfulness skills, those taking courses or workshops and for anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness. 

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