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Psychological Approaches to Risk & Violence - with Dr Gwen Adshead

18th April 2019 - St John's College Oxford

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All mental health care professionals have to attend to risk in their clinical practice; whether it is assessing risk of potential harm to self; assessing risk of harm to others; or offering interventions to people whose mental health problems may lead them to break social rules and criminal laws. In this work shop, we will look at the mental phenomena that underly risky states of mind; and explore social, individual and relational risk factors for violence and criminal rule breaking. We will also look at available interventions .

By the end of the workshop, participants should have a better understanding of what makes people risky, and what interventions may be helpful to risk the risk of harm to self and harm to others

Dr Gwen Adshead is Consultant Forensic psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She has worked as a therapist in secure settings for over 15 years, most recently at Broadmoor Hospital. Gwen is a group therapist and trained in mindfulness based cognitive therapy. She has run therapeutic groups for men and women with severe personality disorders who have committed offences against other people. She has also worked in two trauma clinics with refugees and survivors of acts of violence.  Gwen holds a master's degree in medical law and ethics from Kings University London; and has a long standing interest in psychiatric ethics; especially in relation to psychotherapy and forensic psychiatry. She has published over 100 books, book chapters and papers; and is currently working  with others on a textbook of psychotherapy for Oxford University Press.

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