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Compassionate Mind: Working with emotional memories in shame based trauma with Dr Deborah Lee

5th January 2019 - Trinity College Oxford

£135.00 plus VAT per person

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Shame-based trauma memories are highly distressing and disturbing. High levels of self-criticism appear to maintain the sense of current psychological threat. The personal meaning conveyed in the fragmented images and flashbacks is often painful, condemning and shaming. 

This workshop will explore how clinicians can use a compassionate mind to create new emotional meaning for shame based trauma experiences.  It will present techniques of how to develop a compassionate trauma narrative, work with shame based flashbacks and use compassionate focused problem solving to work with trauma meaning.  It will explore using compassionate inner dialogues to end self- critical maintenance cycles of current threat. 

The workshop will focus on clinical skills of weaving compassion into trauma memory work. There will be an assumption that attendees have some knowledge of compassion-focused therapy.

Dr Deborah Lee is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Berkshire Traumatic Stress Service. She is also an honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London.

She has worked in the field of trauma for 20 years and specialises in the treatment of PTSD and complex Trauma.  Her particular area of clinical and research interest is in shame based PTSD and self-criticism. She has developed the use of compassion based treatments including the use of compassionate imagery in shame based flashbacks to enhance clinical practice in this field. She has widely contributed to the dissemination of her clinical knowledge through writing and delivering over 150 clinical workshops and talks in north America  and Europe.

Feedback from November 2016 :-

Great speaker, great content and great handout booklet                               
Really useful, I enjoyed the lightness of touch                               
Brilliant overview and amazing to be given all the resources in the book                               
Very easy to listen to Deborah, engaging, very knowledgable, warm, good sense of humour                               
This was a great work shop. It really stimulated my interest in further training

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